Interactive Wayfinding Signage

According to the University of Michigan, “Wayfinding can be defined as spatial problem-solving. It is to know where you are in a building or environment, Finding an easy way to your desired location. It eliminates the hassle of searching locations by yourself. Interactive wayfinding maps guide your visitors through your facility and provide them with a convenient one-stop source for all information. Effective wayfinding can be incorporated in college campuses, health care facilities, government buildings, hotels, and conference centers, and more.

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multi purpose

Interactive Map

3D Interactive Map gives a better experience to the user and helps to engage the user for a longer period.

Dynamic Directory

Our wayfinding solution offers a dynamic directory by showing various amenities, shops, categories according to the industry. Which saves time of the user as all the information is provided at one stop.
centrally controlled

Centrally Controlled

Our solution can be centrally operated which allows the owner to manage all the wayfinding solutions from one central location with ease.
attractive branding

Attractive Branding Options

Wayfinding Solution incorporated with digital signage, allows the owner to promote its products, promotional events or can even display advertisements.

Wayfinding Software Solutions

Interactive Wayfinding

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Interactive Wayfinding Solution is an insightful and intelligent navigation system suitable for large premises likes malls, airports, educational campus, etc. The 3D interface shows the easiest way to the desired location. The interactive wayfinding signage is not only a navigation system as it provides a directory for visitors but also allows to search location and respective people as per the categories available in the interactive way-finder. Digital signage is integrated with Xtreme Media interactive wayfinding which provides an appealing branding option, another interesting feature available in the feedback system. Users can submit their reviews and feedback about the premise experience which can provide valuable insights to brands.

3D Wayfinding Signage Solution

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Our newly launched interactive wayfinding provides a 3D block interface, it recreates the map in 3D providing a realistic experience. Smooth and visually enriching, 3D wayfinding provides all the features available with interactive wayfinding such as directory view, integrated digital signage solutions, and feedback system. 3D wayfinding shows the aisles, difference between the blocks clearly, which contributes to an amazing experience for the visitor

Digital Wayfinding Applications









Case Study
phoenix mall case study thumbnail

Phoenix Marketcity

Xtreme Media has successfully installed Queue Management System (QMS) integrated with digital signages in Reliance HN Hospital Mumbai, India. This web-based interface allows the doctors and other employees to access QMS data on multiple gadgets, From any location with absolute ease.

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