Flight Information Display System Solutions (FIDS)

When time is a critical component and the place is unfamiliar, people tend to reach out for help to guide them throughout. Our Flight Information Display System is a systematic digitized software to show the Flight Information and directions on a real-time basis. Evolving from flap boards to LCD Screens with simple data presentation and now an automated software that showcases multiple data on an LED screen. Our Flight Information Display Software can be centrally controlled, run automatically, and entirely dwell with the sophisticated ambiance of an airport. Additionally, the software also allows for running multiple data formats together. Important announcements for silent airports, safety messages, etc. can run alongside the flight information.

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FIDS video
Emergency Display

Web-based solution

One can easily access the Flight Information Display system dashboard from anywhere at any time using a designated username and password
Passenger Information System

Passenger Information System

A dynamic system that guides passengers to the respective counters, gates & belts that ensures maximum efficiency in minimum time
Flight Arrival Departure Status

Arrival and Departure Status

Flight Information Display System displays the updated status of flights that have arrived or have departed


Important announcements can be made across the airport as AFAS is integrated with the FIDS software on real-time basis
Case Study
Flight Information DIsplay System Case Study
Xtreme Media has rolled out a completely automated FIDS software solution at four airports (Hubli, Pakyong, Belgaum, Kishangarah) with 22 displays each. In addition to that, Xtreme Media’s FIDS also provides a customized dashboard, a content builder, and an editor to the airport authority that enables them to customize and design their own templates that are compatible with all languages. It also allows them to play multiple content formats at once and the displays can additionally showcase ads or promotions as a source of revenue for them.
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