With an average dwelling time as high as 40 minutes there is no better platform than a digital signage to reach visitors in the healthcare industry. Queue management system integrated with a digital signage helps hospitals manage the token generation process and at the same time keep the visitors engaged. Right from managing high visitor footfall to improving their experience, a digital signage plays a very critical role.

Benefits of Digital Signage

in healthcare

Case Study

  • Apollo

    Based in Chennai, India, Apollo Hospitals is among the first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation. With the need to manage a large pool of patients & a large network of doctors from each stream; both resident & visiting, Apollo has digitized its token generation process through Xtreme Media Queue Management System (XM QMS) – an option that is much efficient over the conventional token management process.

  • Reliance

    Xtreme Media has successfully deployed Queue Management System integrated with digital signage features for Reliance HN Hospital Mumbai, India. With a web-based interface, doctors can access QMS data over multiple platforms (tablets, smart phones) from different locations. On the other hand, Digital Signage features help add to the state-of-the-art facilities of the hospital. This while effectively educating patients about new medical treatments, promoting services by means of commercials and entertaining patients in waiting areas.


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