Rigel Micro Series

Fine Pixel Pitch Displays

Experience best of both the world’s, brightness and robustness of DIP and immersive visual experience of SMD technology with our new and trailblazing Rigel Micro. Outdoor LED video wall doesn’t enjoy the same visual quality and resolution as smaller pixel pitch LED displays, with this technology it is possible now. Rigel Micro consist the pixel pitch as smaller as P2.6, many times brands want to put the outdoor screen due to external environmental conditions, but the viewing distance is too less. Airports, corporate campuses, malls etc are some of the application areas where Rigel micro can really change the game.

Small Pixel pitch for Outdoor Environment

Small Pixel Pitch for Outdoor Environment

Traditional outdoor LED displays ranged from P6 to P10, whereas our Rigel Micro Series ranges from P1.9 onwards


Our LED displays are made with sturdy cabinets that are IP65 front and IP54 back, making it robust to survive any condition


Withstanding any climatic condition, these displays could not be more suitable for the outdoor climatic conditions like rain, dust, heat, etc.
High Brightness

High Brightness and Contrast

Our LED displays have very high brightness and contrast ratio. The content playing on the display is also highly visible during daylight


Model NameXM Rigel-Micro-1.95TOXM Rigel-Micro-2.6TOXM Rigel-Micro-3.9TOXM Rigel-Micro-4.8TO
Pixel Pitch (mm)P1.95P2.6P3.9P4.8
LED EncapsulationNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstar
LED TypeSMD 1415SMD 1415SMD 1921SMD 1921 / SMD 2727
Cabinet Dimension (mm)500 x 1000500 x 1000500 x 1000500 x 1000
Depth (mm)120120120120
Weight (kg/m2)303030 / 4030 / 40
Service AccessFront / BackFront / BackFront / BackFront / Back
Brightness (nits)4000400050005000-5500
Viewing Angle140 x 140140 x 140140 x 140140 x 140
Contrast Ratio5000:15000:15000:15000:1
Max. Power (Watts/m2)780600750750
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥1920≥3840≥1920≥1920
Driving ICICN 2153ICN 2153MBI 5124MBI 5124
Ingress ProtectionIP65 Front / IP54 BackIP65 Front / IP54 BackIP65 Front / IP54 BackIP65 Front / IP54 Back
Cabinet TypeDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast Aluminium
Data Processing14 - 16 bit14 - 16 bit14 - 16 bit14 - 16 bit

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