Case Studies

State Bank of India

Following the footsteps of global technological innovation, Indian banking industry is getting integrated in operation just to lead towards higher efficiencies. The biggest Digital Signage project is getting implemented in India by none other than State Bank of India. We are more than proud to be technological partner for such an esteemed project. About the project …

National Stock Exchange

Amongst the two most reputed institutions in India, National Stock Exchange has been adorned with 500 sq.ft of Xtreme Media LED displays. The one of its kind twin vertical tickers at National Stock Exchange are of Xtreme Media make. Also, another huge LED Videowall has been installed in the lobby which is showing stock market and other company information as conceptualised by NSE.

Bombay Stock Exchange

Xtreme Media has empowered Bombay Stock Exchange with a powerful combination of superior technology along with great Return on Investment (ROI) through their digital display solutions.State-of-art indoor and outdoor end-to-end solutions including the LED videowalls, digital signage software, complete installation, customization and integration with their internal systems has been provided by Xtreme Media …

Indian Railway

Indian Railways has been major mode for transportation in India due to various reasons like low fare, speed & wide network; especially to connect outskirts & remote places to metropolitan cities. Every day N number of people travel by local & express trains and for them trains are a lifeline. As the years went by, Indian Railway transformed itself in regards to geographical network coverage and technology …

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

When the entire world is going digital with books converting into EBooks and, file racks becoming folders in laptops; we are becoming more integrated in our operationleading to high speed & accuracy. With this changing trend media of advertisement are also changing. One of the oldest media tool, outdoor hoardings are getting replaced by digital displays. This technology innovation …

TJ’s Brew Works

Eating out is not a mere convenience anymore, it is an experience by itself. People eat out not only for good food but because these are major places to hangout, get together and have fun. Each and every service provider in the hospitality industry is trying to enrich customer’s experience, which includes providing them with great ambience & vibrant atmosphere.

We School

India is the second growing economy after China; and an alluring market from a global perspective. We have 15 million people present in-between age bracket of 18-23; this youth is considered to be our major assets. The growth we are experiencing is certainly backed up by some factors.

Digital Signage Kiosk

With wide accomplishment of the internet era, one of the oldest medium of advertising – outdoor media is getting a makeover in the form of digital signage. UK Visa offices, India desired to keep their waiting customer entertained and at the same time add an attractive constituent to overall ambience to enrich customer experience They accomplished this by installing digital signage in their office premise.

Reliance HNH Hospital

Xtreme Media has successfully deployed Queue Management System integrated with digital signage features at Reliance Foundation’s Sir. H N hospital & Research Centre in March 2014. Today, healthcare industry is amongst the biggest potential segments for digital signage in India. Excluding few hospitals, most of the healthcare industry is still untapped. Sir H N hospital is ‘World class healthcare’ vision of Reliance Foundation; one of the major philanthropy organizations in India. In Sir H N hospital, web based interface is made available due to which QMS data can be accessed anywhere at any time by doctors via multiple platforms like tablets, smart phones, etc.

Pure Gold Jewellers

Founded in UAE, Pure Gold Jewellers is a famous name for its stunning gold & diamond jewellery designs. Pure Gold Jewelers with 100 store locations in middle east & 200 in India has successfully establied itself as storng brand on a global map. they have variety of brands like Amara, Fiona, Bridal, Eternity,Solitare & more.

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is an Indian hospital chain based in Chennai, India. Several of the group’s hospitals have been among the first in India to receive international healthcare accreditation by America-based Joint Commission International. To bring the efficient system along with word class medical facilities they are incorporating technologically advance approach in their operations.

Syntel India

A customized digital signage solution is provided to Syntel to meet their precise requirement. Android based digital signage solution integrated with the Live streaming feature is made available by XM. Syntel is showing live streaming at its different locations with the help of XM server software and a streaming server which captures the input from a Camera. Being a cloud based solution, this is greatly scalable.

XM Projects on Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Infosys has a huge campus in Bangalore that serves thousands of employees. The company has a fleet of buses which cover different routes & offer pick-up & drop facility for employees. Infosys Transport takes care of the complete on-campus logistics. They appointed Xtreme Media to design customized digital signage which would act as a guide & provide appropriate information to employees about the dynamic arrival & departure bus information.


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