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Digital-Signage-Software-Solution-IndiaDigital Signage in India is a unique communication medium with unparallel opportunities to capture attention of your audience, improve customer experience, build brands and drive sales. Digital signage also supports interactive content formats along with pre-scheduling of content.

No matter what industry you belong to; the prime focus is to hold and capture viewers attention and create brand awareness.

The major advantages of using Digital Signage are:

• Digital signage eliminates recurring printing costs & acts as a time saver

• Digital display advertising attracts & engages customer at point of purchase

• It enhances brand image & enables effective presentation of product offerings

• Digital signage offers content customization and can generate revenue by advertising partner products

• Digital signage attracts maximum eyeballs & registers your product in the mind of potential customers

• Digital Signage can keep the viewer entertained when he is waiting to be served

Xtreme media’s Digital Signage Software is integrated with professional display panels to provide remotely managed or on-site digital Signage solutions. The software delivers scheduling and distribution of the program on high definition display monitors; attuned with multiple media sources like movies, flash animation,and images. Digital signage software makes it easy to edit, remove or add content and stream real-time broadcasting for immediate content delivery.

Xtreme Media is one of the best players in the market to offer an end-to-end digital signage solution. Due to our cutting edge technology and to in-house development & support, we have become the technological partner of STATE BANK OF INDIA for the implementation of biggest digital signage project in India. Xtreme Media rolled out the largest digital signage network across India in 2000 SBI branches which enabled them to showcase campaign images, videos, RSS feed of currency rates, live TV, gold rates etc which are controlled and updated centrally.

At Xtreme media, we understand your target audience, objective of your company and customize a solution that’s appropriate for you.

Other Products


Indoor LED Video Wall

Provide Optimum Image Quality Over An Exceptionally Long Lifetime
Indoor LED Video Wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Always Deliver The Clearest And Brightest Images In Full Daylight Conditions
XM Outdoor LED Video Wall is a high-definition electronic screen which is able to meet the requirements of outdoor complex environment.

LED Video Wall For Stadium/Sports Arena

Joy of watching the match on the playground
LED Video Walls can be controlled from the control rooms using a computer to change the scores, and show different promotions and animations.

Digital Signage Software

Operate And Manage Digital Signage Networks
XM Digital Signage Software is an end-to-end management platform which is used to operate and manage digital signage networks, large and small all over the world.

LED Video Wall For Rental

Used in religious & reality events to add a sparkle & status to the event
LED Video Walls do not have the restriction of size & shape, various type of LED Videowalls like cylindrical, flexible, life size displays are used to attract the viewers.

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