The Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission in the year 2015 to create sustainable & digitally empowered 100 cities. Digital display solutions like Variable Messaging Sign, LED Unipole & Interactive wayfinding are bound to play a major role in shaping up a smart city.


Digital Unipole Display

LED Unipole displays are outdoor LED walls that are high brightness and robust displays. These hoardings/displays can be used as an advertising canvas by smart cities. A centralized network of LED unipoles can be established, thereby enabling advertisers to reach the masses.

Variable Messaging Sign

Variable Message Signs are electronic and intelligent displays that depending on the traffic situation guide, inform, and warn commuters on highways and expressways. Smart cities can use VMS to display messages about road conditions, information about accidents, safety & social welfare messages.These variable message signs could be a combination of text and graphic variable messages, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic.

Smart City Kiosk

As a part of the Smart Cities mission, interactive self-service kiosks can be installed as a city guide. Xtreme Media kiosk is tamper resistant and can be placed at all strategic locations like stations, bus-stops, important junctions, etc. without the fear of them being damaged. These kiosks are bright enough (2000 Nits of light) to allow readability even in an outdoor environment.

Case Study


In an initiative to better the life of the residents in Rajasthan, Rajasthan government deployed Xtreme Media digital kiosks at their offices. These are self – help kiosks are informative and enable users to update or request for their mandatory document. They also serve as a medium to advertise government’s initiatives and announcements.


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