Selfie Solution

Selfi Solution
“Nowadays, social media platforms are widely used for networking, hence the brands can use the same platform to reach their potential customers.Brands can integrate with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Xtreme Media® Selfie Solution can be used to engage the crowd, waiting before or after the movie by clicking pictures and uploading them social media which will enhance their experience.”
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Features Of Selfie Solution:

Selfi Feature - Social Media Integration Social Media Integration

The solution can be integrated with twitter & Facebook This also helps brands to reach maximum people through wide social media network.

Selfi Feature-Compatible with HD Camera Compatible with HD Camera

HD camera can be used to take selfie which makes the solution much more accessible & affordable.

Selfi Feature-Customized Props Customized Props

Various props can be digitally created which can be used while taking selfie making the photos look funnier.

Selfi Feature-Customer Engagement Customer Engagement

Selfie solution can help brands to engage with their customers in dynamic manner, increasing the power of brand.