In the new generation digital age, a movie theater is all about curated immersive experiences. To top up the plain vanilla experience, movie theaters of today have an excellent sound & projection technology, bespoke interiors, chef curated gourmet food and recliner seats. State – of – art LED displays and digital signage solutions complement the world – class cinema experience and blend technology with modern architecture.

LED Display Solutions

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Indoor LED Displays

In a brightly lit indoor environment static glow boards or LCD digital display may appear to be dull. LED displays are seamless and vibrant delivering a stunning output due to their high brightness levels. Theaters use indoor LED displays to showcase their branding videos, market upcoming movie trailers and entice moviegoers by showcasing food and beverages offers. LED displays clubbed with augmented reality solution drives excitement and lets the viewer live the experience.

Architectural Displays

LED displays when combined with the modern aesthetics of the theater elevate its visual appeal. Ultra – modern contemporary displays of different form factors like curved, cylindrical, cube, oval or T – arch add a ‘WOW’ factor to the entire environment. Not going with the generic size and pixel pitches, theaters are now customizing their displays that enthrall their audience.

Outdoor LED displays & LED Tickers

With large outdoor LED displays and media façade cinemas can establish their property as a marquee landmark. These robust and vibrant LED displays captivate the viewers and grabs maximum attention. LED tickers at the entrance of the movie theater give a snapshot of the movies played with their show timing. These tickers are flexible LED displays that can be built to any length and can take any shape. The ticker display can also be used to display the promotional messages and branding.

Digital Signage Solutions

For Entertainment

Digital Signage

Xtreme Media’s digital signage software is a web-based software solutional that can be operated from anywhere. With this solution theaters can centrally manage and showcase uniform content across all its chains simultaneously. One can monitor the network of displays and generate reports on a real-time basis.

Digital Menu Boards

The dynamic and eye – catching digital menu boards help theaters to promote their elaborate gourmet menu in an effective manner. Unlike static glow boards, digital menu boards can display bright videos of the food and beverage menu that entice customers and boost F&B sales. It also offers convenience to change the pricing, add or delete the items on display.

LCD Video Wall

For Entertainment

LCD Videowall

Movie multiplexes also use large format LCD videowalls to display upcoming movie trailers, food & beverage advertisements and branding. These dynamic displays enliven the cinema environment and are ideal as an indoor display. LCD videowalls are also a cheaper option as compared to an LED videowall.



  • INOX is happy to associate with Xtreme Media for their complete package of LED display & digital signage solutions. In addition to providing digital signage solution to our multiplexes in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore, the entrance to the multiplex in R-city mall, Ghatkopar West, which is covered with LED displays, is something that cannot be missed. The indoor LED displays, which provide an ultra-modern look and serve as an excellent canvas for latest trailers and promotions.”
    Jitender Verma - Chief Technology Officer, INOX LEISURE LTD.

Case Study

  • Inox

    Location : Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Coimbatore
    Xtreme Media provided a complete solution to Inox that included LED displays, digital signage software and digital menu boards. There are in total 15 LED displays of pixel pitches 3mm and 4mm that are deployed at various Inox theaters at different locations.

    • T-arch displays : The famous T – arch LED display of pixel pitch 3 mm at the entrance of Inox, R – City Mall in Mumbai that gives a royal welcome to the visitors of Inox.

    • T-arch displays : Curved Led displays – Xtreme Media has installed a U-shaped curved LED display at the entrance of Inox cinemas in Southcity mall, Kolkata.

  • PVR Cinemas

    Location : Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai
    PVR Cinemas is one of the leading theater chains of Indian. To offer a world class movie experience, PVR cinemas have transformed their theaters using digital displays.

    • 13 LED displays of different form factors have been installed PVR cinemas across India

    • These indoor LED displays provide an ultra-modern look and serve as an excellent canvas for latest trailers and promotions


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