Digital Display Solutions

For Airports

Flight Information Display System

The flight information display system is a software solution that showcases essential flight information like flight schedules, boarding gates, luggage belts, check-in counters etc. This system needs to be highly accurate given that all passengers rely on its authenticity. In addition to flight information, FIDS can be also integrated with a digital signage to display videos and pictures to keep waiting passengers engaged.

Interactive Wayfinding

Airport authorities can now help flyers easily navigate around the airport with Xtreme Media interactive way-finding kiosks. In addition to navigation, interactive wayfinding kiosks also help passengers scout through the various facilities like restaurants, restrooms, dutyfree shops, etc. at the airport. This helps in enhancing the passengers overall flying experience.

Digital Display Solutions

For Railway

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

PIDS (Passenger Information Display System & Digital Signage: PIDS provides convenience & comfort to railway passengers by displaying important information like train schedules, coach guidance, platform numbers and reservation lists. Xtreme Media digital signage is a web-based solution that creates a centrally managed network of displays and multiples railway’s revenue by being a great advertising medium.

Digital Display Solutions

For Roadways

Digital Billboards

Digital displays have transformed the out-of-home advertising. Digital billboards offer more dynamism & high relevancy to the viewers in comparison to traditional OOH. Being vibrant and eye catchy, these displays are far more effective in delivering advertising messages. When combined with a camera, makes the out-of-home advertising smarter by targeting the ads based on the gathered analytics.

Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Signs are electronic, intelligent and seamless displays for smooth road traffic management. They allow text and graphic variable messages to be combined, resulting in a more effective means of controlling traffic. VMS display messages about road conditions, accidents, traffic guidelines, advertising & promotions.


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