Our Solutions

Our diverse solutions are designed by keeping in mind various end applications, retail, government, advertising, BFSI etc.


Digital signage encourages customers to spend up to 30% more in stores. Apart from boosting sales digital signage contributes positively and helps retailers to provide a ‘WOW’ experience to visitors. LED displays are becoming more and more popular as window and showcase displays. Some of the international leading retail brands are already using these displays inside the stores and on the store

Out-of-Home Advertising

LED billboards and digital signage will bring digitization to outdoor advertising. Digital outdoor advertising is smart and a targeted advertising. As the medium becomes digital it provides more flexibility while changing the content pushing the right content at right time. DOOH is more measurable and insightful which allow advertisers to show right ad to a right person.


Smart cities are embracing digital displays in various formats, variable messaging displays to manage the traffic, digital unipole displays to inform and advertise, indoor LED displays and digital signage at various indoor venues are used to digitize the communications. Other solutions include smart kiosk, interactive wayfinding and command & control centre displays.

Banking & Financial Institutions

Stock exchanges worldwide is famously known for its stock tickers and displays. India is no exception Indian stock exchanges used various forms of LED displays to provide market information. Through digital signage product awareness is increased by 43%, banks keep the information dissipation and promotions interesting with digital signages & LED displays.

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